Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer Superintendent is an experienced and recognized visionary educational leader with a purpose and a plan. With more than twenty-five years of experience in education, she currently serves the Covina-Unified School District where she has a proven track record of success that can be seen in the achievements of her students and teachers. As a collaborative results-oriented professional with an impressive history of successful Educational Leadership, Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer Superintendent is adept at building and maintaining strong relationships and partnerships with students, families, and the communities in which they learn, work, live, and thrive.


A purpose

Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer had strategic planning that is focused on aligning systems and resources to maximize all possible opportunities for the students in her district and beyond. She does everything she can to ensure that they are prepared for college and career success. The educational leader is fully committed to aligning all systems to support every student’s social, emotional, and academic growth. She has the full support of those she serves. She is enthusiastic about cultivating skills including creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication to give her students the best chance of success. Students develop knowledge, capability, perseverance, and discipline during their time in the Covina-Unified School District.


About Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer Superintendent


Award-winning work

Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer Superintendent has a long history of award-winning work. In 2019, she was recognized as the Covina-Valley Parent Teacher Association Outstanding Administrator of the year. Before that, Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer Superintendent was the ACSA Region XV Central Office Administrator of the Year three years earlier in 2016. Prior to that, the educational leader was already being recognized for her curriculum-building work when she was awarded the title of ACSA Region XV Curriculum and Instruction Administrator of the Year for 2013.

In her earlier years as a principal, Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer was also awarded ACSA Region XV Middle School Principal of the Year in 2011, the Los Angeles Lakers Principal of the Month in April of 2010, the Glendora Leadership Association Elementary School Principal of the Year award for 2009m the Glendora Leadership Association Charter Leadership Award for 2009, and the Glendora PTA Council’s Child Advocate Award.



Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer Superintendent has had the opportunity to share her experience and knowledge with other education leaders. She was asked to give a presentation at the EdLeader21 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2014. One year prior to that, she spoke to an enthusiastic group at the ACSA Curriculum and Instruction Academy in 2013. She also shared her methodology as an ACSA Region XV Middle Grades Presenter and as an ACSA Region XV High School Presenter in 2012.


Community engagement

Elizabeth Eminhizer Superintendent takes her work with students, their families, and the greater community seriously. She takes every opportunity to get the community involved in a positive way to create connections and improve the future prospects of the students in her district. She has been an Assistance League of Covina-Valley member since 2015. Dr Elizabeth Eminhizer also expanded her reach by joining the Covina Rotary in 2021.